Education business

Providing about 130 courses with a focus on correspondence courses for some 600,000 customers a year. We are always evolving and are starting to undertake business in such areas as classroom management and recruiting services, and making the most of web and mobile technologies, and expanding to follow-up services after course completion.

Publication and
music mail order business

Introducing high-quality products that bring comfort and convenience to people's lives by means of our in-store sales of CDs in addition to our mail-order sales of such items as publications, music and culture-related books, DVDs, CDs, and audio equipment through direct marketing.

New business

In 2010 we established our New Business Division with a focus on providing career improvement support services for corporate staff. We have various surveys and research aimed at overseas expansion also in progress. We aim to increase the activity channel of U-CAN and further expand the two existing-businesses.

Privacy policy

As a company that handles personal information to send materials and products requested by its customers, U-CAN, Inc. complies strictly with the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related rules and regulations. Our information system ensures the safety and reliability of personal information so that our customers can feel safe using our courses, products and services. Our administrators are responsible for strictly storing and managing all personal customer information.

Purpose of Personal Information Use

U-CAN Group uses customer information (address, name, telephone number, email address, etc.) to send course materials and products as well as notify customers of correspondence courses, mail-order sales and other services and to ask for cooperation in filling out questionnaires on our ads, courses, products, etc.

Note: Depending on the course, product or service, use of personal information may be clearly limited. In such cases, use of the information will be according to those individual stipulations.

Unless required to by law or other legal reason, customer information shall not be released to any third party without the agreement of the customer.

Measures to control personal information

The U-CAN Group has a Personal Information Management Committee whose job it is to prevent problems that could result in lost or leaked personal information, to educate employees and conduct other in-house educational activities on the matter, to inspect, reconsider and improve security measures and be otherwise vigilant about the safe management of such information.

Commissioning control of personal information

In cases where U-CAN Group commissions outside divisions and businesses to deliver educational materials and products, etc. for which they will need the personal information of customers, only businesses that meet U-CAN Group conditions will be commissioned, and the businesses will be required to sign a confidentiality contract and undergo education, guidance and monitoring to make sure all personal information is properly handled.

Requests for personal information

Requests to disclose, revise or terminate the use of a customer’s personal information, such as the name and address, will be acted upon only after verifying the identity of the customer in question. For inquiries related to such requests, please contact U-CAN using the form.

U-CAN has the following business divisions.

  • ・Publishing Department
  • ・Music Department
  • ・Japan Calligraphy Association
  • ・Qualification Career Bureau
  • ・Lifelong Education Bureau
  • ・Japan Go Federation
  • ・Learning Publications Department
  • ・COCOCIMO Department
  • ・Enterprise and Organization Department
  • ・Entertainment Department
  • ・America Department
  • ・China Department

Use of SSL to protect personal information

Our U-CAN Group website is certified as a SureServer for SSL by GMO GlobalSign K.K.

Content input by customers on this website is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encoding, so it can be used with peace of mind. (Please note that the website may not work as intended if your browser is not programmed for SSL.)

Information collected when accessing this site

By using this website, customer IP address, OS, browser name and version, and the name of the host provider will be collected.

This is processed as statistical data (access log) and used to improve the website. Users cannot be individually identified through this information.


This website uses Cookies saved in text form when communicating with U-CAN Group customer computers, smartphones, etc. Cookies are used to simplify input when revisiting our website, and are used, as mentioned above, for statistical purposes. It is a standard form of technology used on most websites.

U-CAN Group also uses Cookies to send behavior-targeted advertising. This is a method of advertising that sends ads to website visitors based on subjects on which they have indicated interest on the basis of their web-browsing histories and other records. To be able to send the most appropriate advertising, our Cookies are sent through and saved on other websites that display our advertising, and this may be used for reference purposes.

Cookies can be disabled by changing the settings on your Internet browser. This, however, will mean a less smooth experience when accessing the U-CAN website and you may be unable to use our services or be otherwise inconvenienced. We therefore recommend that your settings enable Cookies.

Our cookies are used only for sending advertisements and for no other purposes. No data is kept that would identify or specify individuals.

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