Education business

Providing about 130 courses with a focus on correspondence courses for some 600,000 customers a year. We are always evolving and are starting to undertake business in such areas as classroom management and recruiting services, and making the most of web and mobile technologies, and expanding to follow-up services after course completion.

Publication and
music mail order business

Introducing high-quality products that bring comfort and convenience to people's lives by means of our in-store sales of CDs in addition to our mail-order sales of such items as publications, music and culture-related books, DVDs, CDs, and audio equipment through direct marketing.

New business

In 2010 we established our New Business Division with a focus on providing career improvement support services for corporate staff. We have various surveys and research aimed at overseas expansion also in progress. We aim to increase the activity channel of U-CAN and further expand the two existing-businesses.

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