Education business

Providing about 130 courses with a focus on correspondence courses for some 600,000 customers a year. We are always evolving and are starting to undertake business in such areas as classroom management and recruiting services, and making the most of web and mobile technologies, and expanding to follow-up services after course completion.

Publication and
music mail order business

Introducing high-quality products that bring comfort and convenience to people's lives by means of our in-store sales of CDs in addition to our mail-order sales of such items as publications, music and culture-related books, DVDs, CDs, and audio equipment through direct marketing.

New business

In 2010 we established our New Business Division with a focus on providing career improvement support services for corporate staff. We have various surveys and research aimed at overseas expansion also in progress. We aim to increase the activity channel of U-CAN and further expand the two existing-businesses.

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

1. Definition

Social media are represented by blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc., tools that individuals use to send information or that a large, unspecified number of people use to communicate with each other.

2. Promises

  • ・U-CAN Group (heretofore meant to include affiliated companies) employees (heretofore to include regular employees, temporary or part-time employees, employees dispatched from agencies, instructors and other employees in similar positions) and related persons (heretofore to include employees of companies involved with running the U-CAN Group social media accounts and other employees in similar positions) will always be conscious of the fact that when using social media it can be accessed by a large, unspecified number of people, and that they will conduct social media communication that adheres to the employment regulations and other company rules.
  • ・U-CAN Group employees and related persons shall bear in mind that when they conduct such communication, it has a great influence on the companies as well as themselves, and behave using the common sense of a U-CAN Group employee.
  • ・U-CAN Group recognizes that not only will appropriate communication improve corporate transparency and help maintain a good connection to society, but that every individual involved with social media can use it to contribute to U-CAN Group corporate and brand reliability, approachability and likability.

3. Subjects

Applies to all U-CAN Group employees and related persons.

4. Employee Guidelines

  • ・Before participating in any media, be aware of who is discussing what, and then participate in it being respectful of its characteristics.
  • ・Behave using common sense and conduct forward-looking communication.
  • ・Be careful not to slander or infringe on rights of any third party, leak personal information, or break any laws.
  • ・Be careful to be sincere and honest, and promptly amend any mistaken information or expressions that might be misunderstood.

5. Inquiries on using U-CAN social media

Please use this form for making inquiries about using U-CAN social media.

To all social media users

All official announcements from and opinions of U-CAN Group will be posted on our official website and in press releases.

Information offered on social media by U-CAN Group employees or related persons does not necessarily reflect the opinions of U-CAN Group.

Depending on the social media account, there may be differences in purpose, response and time required for a response.

To users of social media
who have a contractual relationship
with U-CAN

U-CAN Group promotes transparency. Social media users who have a contractual relationship with U-CAN Group or receive either direct or indirect payment from it (including affiliates, etc.) are requested to introduce and recommend U-CAN Group products truthfully, based on actual experience or content, and in a way that will not cause any misunderstanding among readers. When making such introductions and recommendations, please be as clear as possible about your relationship with U-CAN Group.

U-CAN carefully monitors social media to make sure information on our products and services is communicated accurately and based on facts.

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